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Color: YBL
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Product details:

- SKU: TAV46
- The View Pull Buoy is the perfect piece of equipment to assist you in improving your stroke.
- Size: 22.5 x 7.5 x 12cm
- Color: Yellow Blue
- Thickness: 12 cm
About Pull Buoy:
The primary purpose of the pull buoy is to assist in balancing the lower body in the water. This is achieved by placing it between your inner thighs and holding it in place gently with your legs.
How does it help in swimming:
- IMPROVED STROKE TECHNIQUE By spending more time and attention on your arm technique, it will soon come more naturally and really benefit your performance when you're swimming without the pull buoy.
- IMPROVED UPPER BODY STRENGTH Training with a pull buoy takes your kicking out of the equation. For propulsion, you'll be relying solely on your upper body. Using your stroke to generate all your forward power will provide an even tougher workout for your arms, shoulders, neck and upper back.
- IMPROVED BODY POSITION The buoyancy provided by a pull buoy will help promote a proper streamlined body position in the water. With your hips and thighs elevated, drag is reduced and the addition of a pull buoy will also help keep unnecessary body movement to a minimum.
- IMPROVED BREATHING TECHNIQUE Training with a pull buoy can also help you concentrate on your breathing. Getting your breathing technique spot on is absolutely essential to producing your very best swim so, by taking your lower body out of the equation, you'll have more time to get your breathing perfected.

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