View Anti Fog Treatment 15ml for Swimming Goggles

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- This easy-to-use Anti-fog treatment will remove the build up of oils, which can prevent the anti-fog coating from working effectively.
- View Anti-fog coating is applied to swimming goggles, in a pristine environment, totally dust free - and then baked.
- It can be scratched off but does not rub off and often, it is the build up of oils (skin, sunscreen etc) which can cause swim goggles to start fogging.

Instruction on using Anti for Treatment:
- Before using anti-fog liquid, use tap water to rinse the inside of swimming goggles to remove some particles using finger tips.
- Tap the goggles to remove excess water and drop 1-2 anti-fog liquid in
- Coat the inside of the lens with anti-fog liquid evenly - slide the lens until the solutions cover all the lens.
- Wait Around 3 - 5 Minutes and rinse with tap water. Wash off the excess anti-fog spray liquid and ready to use.
1. Shake the solution thoroughly before applying.
2. Apply the solution and Coat the inside of the lens with anti-fog liquid. Make sure the entire surface of the lens is covered and consider applying it to both sides of lenses.
3.It is recommended to wait a minute or two minutes until it dries.

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Since 1952, VIEW Swimming has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality goggles, training aids and accessories for competitive and recreational swimmers. Innovation fuels our passion and leads to quality products. The ISO certification provides independent assurance to develop and manufacture innovative equipment to the highest international quality standards.

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