Tusa Imprex II Hyperdry Snorkel

Color: BK
Sale price$65.00

Product Details:

- Hyperdry System
- Large capacity drain chamber and oval purge valve with internal purge channel
- Ortho-consciously designed mouthpiece for ultimate comfort
- Crystal silicone flexible neck
- Color: Black (BK), Cobalt Blue (CBL), Flash Yellow (FY)


The SP-580Q Imprex II Hyperdry snorkel has a special internal purge channel located below the mouthpiece.

It channels exhaled air out the top of the snorkel while excess water drains through the bottom purge valve.

At Sun Paradise, our swimwear measurements are unique to each piece, varying according to its style and silhouette. Do take note that the exact measurements may vary slightly from one swimwear to another.




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