Tusa Mini-Kleio Dry Youth Pro Combo (Mask and Snorkel Set)

Color: BKFY
Sale price$85.00


About Mini-Kleio Dry Youth Pro Combo (Mask and Snorkel Set):

Low volume 1-window mask with enhanced vision.

It consists of

- Mask: UM2000
- Snorkel: USP-220


Features of Mask - UM2000:

- Fits youth ages 6 to 12 years old
- Pure silicone FDA regulation compilant
- ClearVu tempered glass lens: Superior clarity, colour and transmission of light
- EZ strap and buckle for quick and easy adjustment with minimal effort


Features of Snorkel - USP-220:

- Hyperdry Elite - Dry Top: Maintains the same superior dry performance and keeps the snorkel completely void of water by quickly and efficiently closing the float when submerged or hit by waves
- Pure silicone FDA regulation compilant: Excellent durability with comfort fit
- Flexible silicone joint reduces strain on the mouth
- One touch adapter that can be easily detached and attached to a mask
- Three-dimensional pipe curve for ergonomic fit

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