Arena Goggle Case

Color: BLU
Sale price$19.00

Product Details:

- SKU: ARA9429E

- Material: EVA

- Country of origin: China

- Size: F (about 19.2 * 12.5 * 6.5cm)

- Material: EVA 100%

- Colours: Black Yellow (FYEL), Black Blue (BLU)

*Disclaimer: The items shown in the goggle case are for illustration purposes only.

A goggle case that can hold all the goggles in the arena.Cobra Ultra (AGL-170, AGL-180M) can also enter, with a band on the inside to fix the anti-fog liquid (AGL-140) bottle. has a hook for hook that can be attached to the handle of the bag, it is a convenient item to store not only goggles but also small items.

At Sun Paradise, our swimwear measurements are unique to each piece, varying according to its style and silhouette. Do take note that the exact measurements may vary slightly from one swimwear to another.




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