Arena Girls' Racing 1pc Half Spat Swimsuit for Competitions

Color: TRC
Size: R130
Sale price$225.00

Product Details:

- SKU: AGJ2050WJ
- 1pc Half Spat Crossback Junior Swimwear for Girls
- Size:  R130 ~ R140
- Color: BKBK, BKPK, TRC
- It adopts the "Kiya-strap" function, which helps in making it easy to wear and take off and reduce the shift of the shoulder straps. 
- Materials: AQUA STRIPE-D

Specifications: AquastriPE-D is a new material in the Aqua Racing series for beginner swimmers. The fabric is softer than previous models and has a more stretchy fit. The thick fabric is safe and resistant to chlorine and has a water repellent finish for a long time. Recommended for racing swimmers

At Sun Paradise, our swimwear measurements are unique to each piece, varying according to its style and silhouette. Do take note that the exact measurements may vary slightly from one swimwear to another.




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